Alkanel Automation sh.p.k

The company “Alkanel Automation sh.p.k” was founded in 2018 with 100% Albanian capital.
The company’s field of operation is the installation of industrial plants, automation of food production processes, design, production of semi-automatic packaging machines, and other auxiliary machines for packaging products such as coffee, peanuts, dried fruits, etc. Repairs and revisions full range of mechanical, electrical and electronic packaging machines.

A mechanical and electrical design office, experience gained from close cooperation with the best companies in Italy such as IMF Roaster and Delfin Vaccums in the field of packaging, storage, mixing of food products, pneumatic transport, etc., as well as the availability of technicians and qualified personnel for on-site assembly of complete plants, make “Akanel Automation” your partner for the construction of equipment and plants according to customer requirements.

Peshore Automatike-min

Why Alkanel?

High-quality production from the beginning quickly led to the company’s transformation from a craft-type structure to an industrial plant and machinery manufacturing company with increasingly broad and highly qualified business activities.

The machines and services of Alkanel Automation are now present in important companies producing food products in Greece, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, etc.


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